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Buy in France - BCA Denmark

Buy in France

Get some local support to help you purchased abroad

Buyer Fees

Please find below the fees for the vehicles bought on

All buyer fees are without VAT and applicable for each vehicle bought.

Sales channel
Buyer Fee
Export fees
Live Online sales
(others than below)

2,6% (440€ minimum)

50 €
Starting Price 50€ / Not

2,6% (305€ minimum)

Damaged Cars

2,6% (445€ minimum)

No running vehicles

2,6% (320€ minimum)

Vehicles for parts
Véhiposte Not fees
Alphabet 99€

Invoice and Payment

The same day you made a purchase with BCA France, you will receive the invoice on your email address. The invoice will include the bidding price and all the additional fees attached.

Please note that, from the day you receive the invoice, you will have 3 working days to pay for it (through bank transfer).

Collect your vehicle

Collect your vehicle

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a release document which states the address of the compound where your vehicle is located.
At this point, you must arrange pick-up through a third-party transport company (self-pick-up is not allowed).


Please note that, from the day you won the car, you have 10 calendar day to collect the vehicles from our compound.

Any extra day will be invoiced 6€ per day per vehicle.

VAT policy & release car document

VAT exemption is possible if you intend to export the cars you bought. Please note that only vehicles liable for VAT are indicated as such in the sales catalogue and are affected by the paragraph below (this VAT exemption applies to the total amount of the vehicle, sales and transport fees). Please note that the release of car documents depends of where the car will be exported (see below).

Import within EU

If you come from a country within the European union, papers of the cars will be sent once the last section of the CMR is stamped by both transporter and customer. Original CMR must be sent at BCA France headquarter address: BCAuto Enchères 5 Rue Charles de Gaulle, 94 140 Alfortville, France. If you need the paper upon collection you will have to pay a VAT deposit (the deposit will be returned upon receipt of the proof of export).

Import outside EU

If you come from a country outside European union, paper of the cars will be kept until confirmation of the customs clearance outside the EEC. To prove it, you must send us EX1 and documents to us within a maximum of 2 months from the date of the sale of the vehicle. Please note that the document must be sent to the following email address: If you need the paper upon collection you must pay a VAT deposit (the deposit will be returned upon receipt of the proof of export).

Poland delivery

If you’re a polish customer you can take advantage of our outbound logistic transport offer to Poland (Private vehicles only).