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Payment and Fees - BCA Denmark

Payment and Fees

Easy payment process and fees applicable to our sales

Payment of the vehicles

You will receive a purchase confirmation per email after the auction.
Total payment (including applicable fees) needs to be received within the following days, please look in the specific T&C for the auction type, after the sale. Please note that we only accept payment via Bank transfer.

Once the payment has been received, your vehicle is released for mandatory BCA transportation (for cross border trade), and we will send the car documents after receiving a valid CMR (proof of delivery).

More information

Buyer Fees

Se venligst nedenstående salærstruktur for vore auktioner.

Open Auction and Fees Buyer Fees
 Auction name Platform Auction Description Initial Fee Intervals Min/max Price ex. VAT
Young cars auction
Eu Netto Export

 Live Online

Large auctions with young cars - up to 1.000 Vehicles

Twice every month, 500-1000 taxfree vehicles are auctioned on behalf of someof Europe’s largest manufacturers and various leasing/rental companies. Usually0-3 years old, low kilometrage and showroom ready. Odometer warranty oncars above 0 km.

Live Online,service
270 €

30 €

Taxfree, Leasing, Rental and fleet
Eu Netto Export

xBid Taxfree, EU Netto Export

Among others, Leasing cars from BMW Financial Services, 0-3 yrs. old. Recurringevery second week, on thursdays. Odometer warranty on cars above 0 km.
270 €
Passenger cars without luxury tax

xBid Leaseplan cars and selected MarketPrice premium.

Every Monday 50-150 vehicles are auctioned primarily on behalf of leasingcompanies. Usually 1-5 years old and partially sales prepped. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
    Fixed fee
Passenger cars
Mixed cars without and with luxury tax

Live online Passenger cars from leasing, fleet, trade ins, MarketPrice and more

Every Tuesday 100-200 vehicles without and with luxury tax, are auctioned onbehalf of new car dealerships, leasing, rental, finance companies etc. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
10% < 20.000

20.001 - 60.000
60.001 - 100.000
100.001 - 140.000
140.001 - 180.000
180.001 - 220.000
> 200.001

Min. 960


Mixed cars without and with luxury tax

Live Online LCVs from leasing, fleet, trade ins etc. and MarketPrice vehicles

Every Friday at 9:00 CET, 50-150 LCVs without and with luxury tax. Odometerwarranty on cars above 0 km.
< 20.000

20.001 - 40.00040.001 - 60.00060.001 - 80.00080.001 - 100.000> 100.001
Min. 960


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