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Nett Auctions

We distinguish two types of auctions: gross and nett. Each auction describes whether the prices are gross or nett and this can also be found on the auction explanation page.

Nett auctions

A nett auction already displays a final price of the car, meaning the BPM and VAT are already deducted. The price you bid on a vehicle will be the price on your invoice (fees excluded). No further calculation is required.

An international buyer always receives a nett invoice, meaning without BPM and without VAT.

VAT / BPM Explanation – Gross Auctions

A gross auction does not yet display the final price of the car and this has everything to do with the fact that these auctions are designed for Dutch buyers. However, you can still participate if you are buying from abroad, just remember that the price you bid will not be the final price on your invoice. You can calculate your “nett price” by firstly deducting the rest-BPM and then the 21% VAT. Your invoice does display the nett price.

There are a few base rules you need to consider in case you want to bid in a gross auction:

  • First deduct the rest-BPM, then the VAT. See the calculation example below for more information.
  • You can only deduct the 21% VAT on vehicles that are marked as VAT. For margin vehicles this is not applicable.
  • You can only deduct the rest-BPM for passenger cars that are younger than 16 October 2006.
  • Always check the rest-BPM on the technical report of the vehicle.
  • BCA is not responsible for possible calculation mistakes made by the bidder. Placing a bid is always final, meaning a bid cannot be cancelled.

Buyer fees


Non registered users

Registered users


Lots  < 3500 kg

Lots < 3500 kg

Lots > 3500 kg  

Buyer fee (gross hammerprice)

10% without limit Min. €300,-

Until € 1.000,- | € 95,-
€ 1.001,-/ € 2.500,- | € 185,-
€ 2.501,- / €4.000,- | € 225,-
€ 4.001,-/ € 8.000,- | € 265,-
€ 8.001,-/ € 15.000,- | € 285,-
> € 15.000 1,4% over hammerprice with a minimum of € 300,-

€ 500,-

Not registered in The Netherlands

Not possible

1,4% over nett hammerprice with a minimum of € 300,-

1,4% over nett hammerprice with a minimum of € 500,-

Buy via Live Online

Not possible

+€ 15,-

+€ 15,-

Parking after 3 days

€ 6,-

€ 5,-

€ 5,-



€ 75,- personal cars
€ 95,- company cars

On request

Non runner fee

€ 30,-

€ 25,-

On request


€ 90,-

€ 75,- personal cars
€ 90,- company cars

On request

Desticker per hour

€ 50,-

€ 45,-

€ 45,-

5 liter fuel

€ 30,-

€ 25,-

€ 25,-

Invoice and payment

An invoice will be sent to your email address within 2 – 4 hours after purchase. Should you have not received your invoice within 24 hours after your purchase, please contact our export department.

Please note that, from the day you receive the invoice, you will have 3 working days to pay for it (through bank transfer).

Moreover, you are obliged to pay by the IBAN you are registered with. Furthermore, to ensure your payment will be recognised please always declare the Dutch license number and/or invoice number in the payment description.

Collect your vehicle

As soon as all export documents for your car have been arranged, a vehicle collection email will be sent to you in which we state where you can collect your bought vehicle.

Please note that it is never possible to collect your vehicle before you have received an email in which we state you can. Your vehicle should normally be ready within the lead time stated at the product, but for vehicles bought in specific auctions (LeasePlan & Alphabet E-Sales) this can take somewhat longer due to the fact that the vehicle needs to be transported to BCA first.

After sales – Collect your vehicle(s)

We clearly distinguish 3 types of vehicles and based on these types vehicles can be picked at a specific location. For more information regarding Vehicles pick-up please look at the different sections below.

Passenger cars with 1st Dutch registration after 16 October 2006

All passenger cars with 1st Dutch registration after 16 October 2006 will always receive a German registration after it has been sold to a foreign customer. This has everything to do with offering you a nett price (excl. BPM & VAT) and it helps BCA to claim back the rest BPM from the Dutch tax authorities. This means that this vehicle type can only be collected in Weeze (Germany).

Location : Automotive Facility Center, Limburger Tor 114 – 117, 47652 Weeze, Germany

Passenger cars with 1st registration before 16 October 2006

All passenger cars with 1st Dutch registration before 16 October 2006 can still be collected at our location in Barneveld. These cars will only receive an NL Export document. This means that these cars will be exported in Barneveld and can stay there.

Location, BCA Autoveiling B.V., De Landweer 4, 3771 LN Barneveld, The Netherlands

Commercial vehicles and motorcycles

Our commercial vehicles and motorcycles can also be collected in Barneveld. For these vehicles we only offer the NL Export document and like passenger cars with 1st registration before 16 October 2006 these vehicles will be exported directly from BCA Autoveiling.

Dutch commercial vehicles can be recognized by the first letter of the license number being a V or a B. Example: 12-VRR-3 or 12-BRR-3.

Location, BCA Autoveiling B.V., De Landweer 4, 3771 LN Barneveld, The Netherlands

VAT policy & release car document

Car documents are released together with the keys when picking up a car. No special documents need to be sent back.

In case of delivery through BCA Nl, car documents are given upon delivery.