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Sale calendar

Autolease logo Autolease           Leasing cars from Autolease Hidden bids from Thursday to Monday at 12. For still unsold cars open bidding until 10 Tuesday. For still unsold cars xBid at 10:02 Tuesday.
Leaseplan Leasing cars from Leaseplan Hidden bids from Friday to Tuesday at 12. For still unsold cars open bidding until 10 Wednesday. For still unsold cars xBid at 10:02 Wednesday.
BCA Direct Leasing, fleet, banks, rental, company, OCM, trade-ins Hidden bids from Monday to Wednesday at 12. For still unsold cars open bidding until 13 Thursday. For still unsold cars xBid at 13.02 Thursday


Fees (Excluded tax of the amount incl. VAT)

Buyers fee always 2980 SEK (approx. 300 Euro), Export fee 1950 SEK (approx. 200 Euro)

NOTE: Transport organized by BCA Sweden is mandatory. Cost of transport will be added on the invoice of the actual car.

NOTE: All bids are placed in SEK (Swedish kronor) and including 25% VAT: If qualifying gross and valid EU VAT number - You will be invoiced NETTO!

Invoicing – Payment

You will receive an invoice for your purchase within 5 hours of the auction being completed.

The entire invoice amount (including applicable fees) must be paid within one (1) business day after the invoice date. Please note that we only accept payment via bank transfer.

Once the payment has been received by BCA, BCA will book your car for transportation and as soon as possible register the transfer of ownership to the buyer.



Transport of your vehicle(s)

Once the payment has arrived in BCA Sweden's bank account – BCA Sweden will book your car for transport. Please note that transport handled by BCA is mandatory when you buy within BCA Sweden. 

By contacting us you will be given the information you need in order to await your cars arrival.

EU - Delivery

Please note that if you are a foreign buyer, outbound transport is mandatory and is arranged by BCA Sweden (direct delivery)..Cost of transport will be added on the invoice of the actual car.  

VAT policy – Release of car documents

If you are located within the European union (Buyers from the baltics and Finland – please see special rules below) and have a valid EU VAT number – you will get a NET invoice if the car is qualifying gross. Buyers outside the european union will be invoiced NET.

The Baltics and Finland – special rules: If you are located in the baltic countries or Finland its mandatory to also deposit the amont of the VAT at purchase. The deposition will be returned as soon as the buyer sends BCA proof that the car has been registered in the country where you are located. For questions regarding deposition please contact finance department.

Car documents

Car documents will be sent separetely by post to your company adress within 7 days after the car has been fully paid. If questions regadring documents, please contact us.

A question?

Feel free to read the FAQ, you may find the answers!